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CAD Management

Any design office using CAD also needs a thorough, managed and manageable administration system. Besides the added efficiency, it is also speeds up the induction of new staff and ensures a consistent quality in your firmís drawings. 

We can assist by establishing standards and tools for the following:

  • Layer naming
  • Text & Dimension styles
  • Penweights
  • A Block Library
  • Tool Palettes
  • Templates
  • File naming
  • Framework setup for new jobs
  • Any other additional aspect that you may want to include as part of your standards.

Because each situation is unique, please contact Mark Shepherd for more details on how we can help you specifically.




On-site CAD management once-off setup

  • Audit of current jobs and CAD files.
  • Setup of new office protocols or revisions of existing.
  • Setup of tools such as palettes and templates to help maintain standards.
  • 1-on-1 staff assistance
  • Typical duration 2 or 3 days

Travel expenses will be charged where applicable.

£400 per day