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Amy Berry, Interior Designer, London. Markís training got me up to speed on the basic skills and commands of AutoCAD in a matter of two days. The course was really great as it focussed on the building blocks of AutoCAD and was organised in a way that was easy to understand. The one-on-one session was incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Siobhan Barry, Harrods, London. Thank you so much for my two day training. You really tailored it to my needs and I feel confident in using CAD and progressing with it at work. I really felt inspired when I left on Thursday and did not think that I would like CAD as much as I do! I really am grateful for you allowing me to leave feeling competent enough to use the basics of a very complex programme!

Siobhan Casey, Interior Designer, London. This course is truly worth it's weight in gold and I'm so pleased that I did it. I'm a recent KLC Interior Design Graduate who had been trained in Vectorworks. I found it increasingly frustrating that everywhere I went for an interview, I was asked if I knew AutoCAD. I'm a quick software learner but if you didn't already know the software, they didn't want to know.

Being unemployed for 8 months left me on a tight budget so I did look at many course options and wondered whether this would be a worthwhile investment. Mark was recommended to me by another designer who had been in the same situation so I decided that it could only be a good thing to learn and know the industry standard of ACAD.

Mark has the perfect temperament for teaching and the pace was smooth all the way. I think that the fact that the class was small and not being lost in a massive class of 30 people really helped. This was real value for money and have recommended Mark to all my college mates.

Soon after this intensive 2-day course, I was offered a 3 month internship and jumped straight into using ACAD. Doing this ACAD course was the best decision I've made (after my design course) and I am far more confident about future interviews, now that I am able to add this skill to my CV.

Ursula Bowman, Landscape Designer, London. You taught at a very easy pace, the content was well aimed at landscape architecture, and felt comfortable with the information I learned in the two days to go out into the profession. The manual is also very useful, I have it next to my desk at work!

Stephen Dalton, Chartered Surveyor, London Stephen Dalton & Co. In a nutshell, the training you provided was extremely helpful. In terms of what I needed, which was to get up to speed very quickly on AutoCAD, you covered the basics simply and quickly which enabled me to meet my client deadline.

Tessa Ferguson, Interior Designer, London. Mark, thank you very much for a very enjoyable training day yesterday. I really felt it was helpful and very motivating. Thanks again and loo forward to perhaps another training session down the line.

David Hibbert, Web Development Manager, MWS Office Interiors, Surrey. Peter is flying with CAD now so thatís great news. We have already produced some great drawings for clients. Thanks again for the training itís given us the chance to move on with the business.

Amy Elliott, Interior Designer, London. I donít think I would have had the confidence that I do have without the training, and the support after is excellent. Thanks for everything.

Alex Cepero, Interior Designer, London. Mark was such a pleasure to work with. Not only did he teach me the correct way things were done and industry standards, he also showed me unique ways to individualise my drawings to make it more personal while still looking professional. I know my portfolio will stand apart from others thanks to his course.

Sarah Halliday, Team Administrator, Knight Frank, London. Thank you for your time yesterday. We all found the training very helpful and I have recommended it to our HR department for anyone else who would like AutoCAD training.

Richard Hamilton, Facilities Manager, London. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I've enjoyed a tutorial session that has 'clarified and made simple' the information that until now I had felt to be complex and expected to be like most skills (and software applications) additional complications and convolutions.

Paul Sarchet, Chartered Surveyor, London. Mark, I just wanted to thank you once again for the CAD training yesterday. The training has been of a real benefit to me and you have taught me a number of ways to further improve my drafting techniques. The pace of the training and your teaching approach are excellent and I was very happy with the sections covered over the course of the day and I came away knowing the programme and its components with far more depth and understanding. I know that future drawings will take less time to produce and look far more professional than before with better use of layers, blocks and appropriate hatching styles

Abbie Whitehead, Architectural student, Stoke Newington. Hilton, I honestly feel that every aspect of the course was as good as it could have been. I left feeling I had the beginnings of a well-rounded grasp on the program.

Steve Higgins, Drawing Office Manager, ASG Signs, Essex. Mark, Just a quick email to say thanks again for a very intuitive, productive and enjoyable two days. I thought that the course was very thorough and had given myself, Scott and Mark a good sound knowledge of an admittedly difficult program.

Andy Rungen, Asst. Technical Operations Director, Cirque du Soleil. Mark, I found the training very helpful and the content was spot on. Focussing on the methods I would use day to day and making the course relevant to our operations was a great help.

Anne Jennings, Landscape Designer, London. For people like me who need to learn AutoCAD as quickly as possible so that they can get onto the job in hand, Markís course is invaluable and excellent value for money. After two days with him and minor follow-up support, I was up and running as a CAD garden designer, having made a quick and painless transition from hand to computer drawing.

Kristina Madsen, Architect, London. Hilton, the fact that we were such a limited number of people gave everyone an opportunity to ask their own questions, both in relation to insecurity about the actual exercises but also about the program in general which were all backed up with a very qualified and well delivered knowledge about the program.

Damien Pelling, Designer, London. Mark, I want to thank you for the CAD course. It was very enjoyable and productive and you had it well organised. I hope to do a couple more days soon.

Rosalind Pickavance, London. Thank you for yesterday. I felt it went well and that I learned far more than I anticipated! You refreshed areas that I had not visited for some time, explained a few black holes and gave some valuable tips and short cuts as well as instructing me on titally new procedures.

Geoff Barclay - CAD Supervisor, Khazakstan. Hilton, I did not quite understand how good the admin course was until I started to configure V8. The informal training and notes were excellent.

Frank Chetty, Structural Designer, London. I have no complaints at all regarding the course and considering that I did it over one day rather than two thought it was excellent. Once again, thanks.

CJ Elgun, Architect, London. I thought the training was very helpful. I think it was generally well presented. It is quite important to give the course based on peopleís special requirements. I have appreciated that the tutor paid attention to the areas I needed help most and where I felt confused.

Jill Tillick, Interior Design Student, London. The element I enjoyed about the course was the step by step structure of it - learning the basics and then developing them further. I can not think of any suggestions to improve the course as it was tailor-made to fit my requirements. Thanks you once again Mark for your patience in teaching me. I enjoyed the course with your step by step guide of learning the basics of AutoCAD as I now feel confident that I can use the program.

Simon Lee, Senior Events Production Manager, London. I found the two day, one to one cadcoaching course very useful. The course was very well structured, the teaching excellent and proceeded at a pace suited to my complete lack of CAD experience. The fact that the areas covered could be moulded to suit my specific design needs was another major plus point.

Stephen Hopkins, Piping Designer, London. Hilton, the training met my requirements to learn the basics of Microstation in must over eleven hours. The course was flexible to the extent that you went at my pace, your explanations were clear, concise and easy to follow, covering the topics that were important to me. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Melinda Rudasova, Engineer, London. Mark, I was very pleased with the results of the training you gave me. Now I feel confident to use AutoCAD in a highly technical environment. I found your course very easy to follow and the one-on-one session gave me an opportunity to concentrate on the areas which I wanted to develop more.

Phil Elton, Designer, London. I enjoyed the straightforward, practical approach, without getting too bombarded with unnecessary details. Felt fairly confident that on completion of the course, with a little practice & revision, I could produce a useful, professional drawing on my own.

Matt Adams, Senior Landscape Architect, Groundwork Merton, London. The course was extremely well organised - the amount I have learnt and the difference it is already making to my everyday work is astounding, considering it only involved 2 days of training. Your teaching style is straightforward, supportive, easy to understand and practical - trying out each newly learnt process means that itís more easy to remember and also keeps it interesting. I also felt that the training was tailored to my needs and you were quick to listen to what would be useful, and offer tips and suggestions that I may not have been aware of.

Marco Tolaini, Lighting Specialist, London. I enjoyed the simplicity of the training. Nothing was ever too heavy or complicated because you tailor-made the course to meet my requirements perfectly.

PohLeng Spalding, Interior Designer, London. It was a good two days I spent working through AutoCAD with you, thank you for your patience. I now understand the basis of the package and I feel with use I will find it comes more easily.

Liberty Benedict, Facilities Management, London. Many thanks for the excellent CAD tuition I was amazed how easy it was to understand after looking at the ĎCAD for Dummiesí book and feeling I would never be able to use the programme. I was pleased with my progress and the learning was enjoyable.

Darran Richie, Landscape Architect, Farnborough. Mark, I would like to thank you for the tuition, the way you approach the training made it easy even for a technophobe like me to understand! I have already started designing in AutoCAD which has not only been a surprise to me but also the rest of the office.

Paul Mines, Piping Designer, London. Hilton, the training you gave could not have been better, given the time factor you had to work with. Thanks for your help and to know that youíre on the end of a phone if I get stuck.

Christelle Guardiola, Facilities Management, London. Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and all aspects of it. I liked the way you prepared your course and you obviously listen to the needs of your clients and adapt to them which avoids waste of time. Sorry but I have no suggestions as I think it was perfect as it was. I guess the best part about the course was the drawing itself and putting into action everything I had learnt. You are also very patient and donít mind going through the same things over and over again and made me feel comfortable which is great.

David Amos, Stage Lighting Specialist, London. If you are looking for tailor-made training CAD coaching in a relaxed environment, look no further. The two day course was worth every penny and far more enjoyable than I expected. Better than evening classes for sure!

Anthony Watret, Heating Installations, London. A well valued training course. Mark is a great teacher and his explanations are short, concise and repeats the process till you are happy with it. From a complete novice I left with a good confidence and little fear of CAD to perform the work I needed to do.

Ian Robinson, Technical Officer, London. Being a novice, I had no idea about the full applications of the AutoCAD programme. Mark gives a very good introduction to the applications and the training that follows is equally good. I would recommend this training to anyone who has not used AutoCAD before, once the basics have been mastered future progress becomes much easier.

DeMetz Architects, London. Mark, we thought your training was excellent, you went into the correct amount of detail and because you are a technician, understand the application of the software, thank you!

Jane McCarthy, Landscape Architect, London. Thanks for excellent basic AutoCAD training, tutor was focussed, very helpful and patient.

Stuart Edney, Architect, London. Although my training with Mark was relatively brief we managed to cover a large amount whilst never seeming to rush through. I originally considered taking a course in college but found that a one-to-one session was more beneficial, especially as Mark quickly identified the areas that needed most attention. Since I have finished the course Mark has been extremely helpful with any questions or problems that Iíve had. His Ďafter-salesí service is excellent.

Isabelle Lim, Interior Designer, London. Very customer-friendly and efficient service. It helped me to quickly grasp the main functions and benefits of AutoCAD. I now use AutoCAD nearly every day in the course of my job and always get a prompt reply when I need help on a specific issue.

Andrew Smith, International Audio Visual Consultant, London. Mark offers excellent AutoCAD training and drawing services. The skills I learnt in his 2 day introductory AutoCAD course have been invaluable in my new position. I have subsequently engaged Mark to undertake drawing work for a specific project we are working on. Markís work was of excellent quality and we would have no hesitation in using his services again.

Charlotte Davies, Interior Designer, London. I think the training sessions I had with you were excellent and I would highly recommend you to anyone. I think that the one-to-one session are good value for money because you are able to learn a great deal in a fairly short space of time. I have been in classroom situations before and found them quite frustrating. One-to one is far better as you learn at your own pace and you were very patient and particularly good at explaining things clearly. I also found your back-up notes and resources on your website very helpful.

Flora Hardy, Landscape Architect, London. In a very short space of time, I was able to get an overview of AutoCAD as well as feel confident with detailing drawings. The teaching is excellent, effective and fun.

Anil Korotane, Architect, London. Markís tutorials were very clear and precise. He gave me sufficient insight into how simple and fun AutoCAD can be whilst breaking down my previous apprehensions of using a complex program. Mark has an ability to assure confidence on behalf of the student and is always striving to provide a good service.